Dr. Allie and Dr. Jenn's Favorite Pelvic Floor Items

Pelvic Wands

Unlock the hidden trigger points. Used to help with internal muscle relaxation for those hard to get places. Schedule an appointment with your Pelvic PT to learn how to use.

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Vaginal Dilators

Graded levels/sizes to work on graduated stretching to reduce tone and tightness in the pelvic floor. Schedule an appointment with your Pelvic PT to leave how to use.

Squatty Potty

Have better pees and poops! This stool offers two heights to elevate your legs to help relax your pelvic floor muscles during voiding.


One of our favorites for scar massage and general massage use.

SI Belt

Support your sacroiliac joints with this belt, whether during pregnancy or not. Help to alleviate SI pain and create external pelvic stability.

Booty Bands

Booty Burn! Tap into those glutes and stop the annoying band rolling down your legs. These fabric based bands stay wide while you workout, no matter the move!

Witch Hazel Pads

Cool Relief! Cleanse, soothe and cool your most delicate parts from irritation brought on by hemorrhoids, birth, or other irritants.

Personal Lubricant

100% organic, water based lubricant that helps maintain vaginal pH and biome health. Add some spice to your life without worrying about excessive dryness.

Foam Roller

Roll away the tension! Multiple uses for this roller. Your therapist may prescribe posture work, stretching and manual massage with this helpful tool!

Trigger Point Lacrosse Balls

Get in deep to the pelvic floor muscles and other hard-to-reach places with these trigger point release balls. Firm tension for rolling, holding or other techniques.

Come As You Are Book

Come As You Are

Read more about how to empower yourself by creating a more healthy sex life through science, gain confidence and find joy again! 

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